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Japan having the capital Tokyo, can be described as out of the ordinary experience. People dress in the latest fashion, restaurants serve up delicious food of all varieties, and the trendiest nightclubs keep things exciting. The city is an exuberant experience for visitors. It also hosts many museums and is the largest repository of Japanese art in the world.

Japan is a modern and interesting country with a robust heritage; this place has long been famous among travelers. While Japan is one of the most expensive points to live, it is probable for the budget traveler to have a good time as well.

The Japanese cuisine provides a very large variety of dishes and regional specialties. It is considered as one of the Japan’s greatest attractions. The body of Japanese cuisine consists of several elements of taste, cooking techniques, and the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Japan enjoy of an efficient public transportation network, particularly within metropolitan areas and among the large cities. Japanese public transportation is distinguished by its punctuality, its terrific service, and the big crowds of people using it.

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